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Message from the President & CEO

The world economy continues to witness the progress of multi-polar system in global scale and the rapid expansion of emerging markets.
Today, manufacturing industry faces the pressing needs of swift transformation and creation of new values that strengthen competitiveness.
The DJK group desires to continue to be a global business partner that can be trusted by all of the stakeholders including our clients in the manufacturing industry. We strive to fully capitalize on our extensive global network to offer optimum manufacturing systems and solutions by integrating equipment, process technologies, and service. We will pay close attention to environmental issues and lead the way in responding to diversifying needs of the market.

Fundamental Policies

DJK's "Founding Spirit" and the "Corporate Principles" have been passed down over the 60 years since our establishment and remain our fundamental policies.

<Founding Spirit>

As a trading company, Daiichi Jitsugyo Co., Ltd. strives to facilitate the logistics of an economic society in order to contribute to social prosperity. Corporate activities are based on a proactive approach and spirit of unified cooperation. The company aims for stable growth based on sound management, while striving to improve the lifestyles and welfare of its employees.

<Corporate Principles>

Unified cooperation
Sound management
Proactive corporate activity

<Action Guidelines>

Aiming to become a preferred international corporation, we will strive to contribute to society with the appropriate pride and a sense of responsibility. Our code of conduct is as follows.

We contribute to the development of society by engaging in business activities with honesty and sincerity, basically with a caring heart toward people, work and the Company.
Based on the recognition of future trends from a global perspective, we strive for development and innovation by enhancing our originality/ingenuity and collecting more information.
With sincerity and trust as our motto, we work to help customers.
Setting high goals instead of indulging in tepidity, we continue to address challenges with courage and faith to be a leader in the industry in which we operate.
We strive to create a motivating and rewarding workplace by maintaining physical and mental soundness and politeness.
While trying to understand other people's feelings or situations and emphasizing teamwork, we fulfill our own responsibilities.
With constant cost awareness, we value things and time, thereby improving business performance.