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Plant & Energy Business

Specialized in all types of plant facilities supporting key industries

We have been getting ahead of the times and addressing high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental measures in the fields of energy development, plant construction. We have been doing consulting businesses in the fields of gas and petroleum refinery, paper manufacturing, engineering, factory infrastructure, and all types of maintenances. By doing so, we will make our customers’ projects successful. In recent years we have been working on prevailing renewable energy such as binary generation systems and solar power systems.



We provide equipment and services supporting energy development in Japan, such as petroleum, natural gas and geothermal heat in the process from exploration research, oil drilling to energy development.
In the field of renewable energy, we sell binary generation system using waste heat which has not been utilized. Also we operate 2 solar power plants in Kasama, Ibaraki and Iida, Nagano, we have accumulated know-how of solar power plants and environmentally-friendly equipment.

Petroleum Refinery / Petrochemistry

Petroleum is an important resource which various industries are based on. Refined material and petrochemical products are utilized as a fuel of automobiles and aircrafts, energy sources of power plants and manufacturers, and asphalt, composite resins, chemical fibers and so on.
We provide high-efficiency and safety-first equipment, energy-saving equipment as well as maintenance services for petroleum refinery plants and petrochemical basic product factories.


We provide a lot of equipment covering various manufacturing processes from chemical materials all the way to finished products such as material for sanitary products, composite rubber manufacturing, food wrapping films.
Also, we provide energy-saving equipment and environmentally-friendly utility-related products. We provide full product life-cycle support nationwide and worldwide.

Plant Engineering

We sell equipment for big-scale petroleum, gas and petrochemical plants constructed mainly in emerging countries.
Also, we are involved in small- to medium-scale plants’ construction overseas (EPC) in cooperation with local business partners.
(EPC:Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

Paper-manufacturing / Material Plant

We provide pulp-manufacturing equipment, material handling equipment, finishing equipment and water treatment equipment, and so on. In recent years we have been providing exhaust gas treatment equipment for big-scale power plants in great demand, which was triggered by electric deregulation.
Also, we proactively support energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment, which our customers have much interest in.

Lithium Ion Battery (LIB)

LIB is in great demand, especially in the automotive industry and electronic device industry. We provide a wide range of equipment for material processes such as pulverization, sorting, kneading and burning, manufacturing processes such as coating and drying, to inspection processes such as test-charge and test-discharge.
Also, co-developing custom-made products with manufacturers is one of our advantages.