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Industrial Machinery Business

Provide a Wide Variety of Equipment for Factory Automation

We have received high marks in the high-efficiency and labor-saving oriented field such as factory automation, and flexible manufacturing systems. Also we have various types of equipment and products including molding machines for plastics and rubber, metal processing machines, and ceramic processing machines. We play a significant role in growing key industries including auto industry and food-related industry.


Resin Molding / Processing Equipment

We have resin molding processing equipment such as injection molding machines, vacuum molding machines, and extruders. We have a solid track record in the plastic industry centering on the automotive industry and food-related industry for over 50 years. Our offices are located throughout the world.
We offer an organized program to help support our customers’ overseas expansion.

Metalworking / Processing Equipment

We have a wide range of equipment such as die casting machines, machining centers which are necessary for metalworking from material feeding to pressing, casting, washing, and inspection.
We can custom-make a particular kind of a processing machine according to our customers’ requirements.

Various Types of Processing Equipment

We have various types of processing equipment such as vibration welding machines, laser processing machines, and deburring machines. We actively sell foreign-made equipment as well as equipment made in Japan.
We specialize in Korean-made vibration welding machines. They realize high-quality welding at an optimum price, therefore a lot of European and American manufacturers utilize this equipment.

Surface Treatment Equipment

We have a broad range of equipment for the process of film decorating and functional film application, such as painting equipment, printing equipment, vapor deposition equipment, sputtering equipment, and plating equipment. We do business with vendors from around the world, so we can provide the best equipment to meet the needs of various kinds of industries including home appliances, electronics, automobiles, housing facilities and aircrafts.  

Automated Assembly Equipment

Factory automation experts field search the production site for any improvement, and suggest machinery or factory design improvement for high-efficiency production. We will promote high-efficiency factory automation in cooperation with our customers.

Inspection Equipment

We have various types of inspection equipment such as film thickness gauges, container inspection equipment, some kinds of gauges, and thermography to meet the current high-quality standard. We also recommend a production line linked to production control and a traceability system.
We have an extensive know-how about inspection equipment to provide our incomparable unique solutions to customers.

3D Printing Systems for Industrial Applications(Additive Manufacturing Systems)

We offer Voxeljet industrial 3D printers from Germany, which are among the world’s largest-format 3D printers. These printers make it possible to produce complex sand molds without the need for undercut configurations, as well as high-quality low-residue wax patterns using special acrylic resin developed by Voxeljet. These 3D printers help reduce costs and lead times over conventional manufacturing processes, enabling further efficiency improvement at manufacturing facilities. Many are already deployed and in use by major manufacturers in Europe and the United States.