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Aviation Business

Supporting Air-borne Transportation by Our Global Network

We, as a general supplier, have various types of equipment for aircraft support on the ground and at airport facilities. We have a proven track record in the aviation industry, and support air-borne transportation nationwide. What’s more, we have special-purpose vehicles and self-defense-related equipment to support public infrastructure.


Supporting Safe and High-efficiency Airport Operation

We have special-purpose vehicles and equipment for the airports, such as high-speed snow plows, friction coefficient measuring vehicles which precisely measure the plowed runway’s friction coefficient to grasp the runway situation in real-time, aircraft deicers which remove ice or snow attached to aircrafts, tow bar-less tractors which tow aircrafts, container pallet loaders which load/unload cargo onto/from aircrafts, high-precision explosive detectors for hand baggage.

Make Airport Staff Comfortable

We have a broad range of products to support airport staff, such as aircraft deicers with cabins on them, equipment which makes loading/unloading passengers’ suitcases much easier, power supply units for aircrafts which have low-level noise and good mileage, lavatory trucks which help airport staff work in a clean and quick way, and posture control systems which smoothly carry passengers’ baggage. These equipment helps airport staff work in a comfortable way in any weather condition.

Supporting Airport Equipment 24/7

Most of the airport equipment we provide should work day and night, or should work without any breakdown in case of emergency. Trouble or breakdowns delay flight schedules. Our customer service team provides prompt technical support and after-sales services. We play a significant role in keeping flights on-time through this supports.


We are always environmentally conscious of our products such as our freezing temperature measuring system which contributes to the reduction of the amount of snow-melting agents applied on the runway, aircraft deicers which minimize the amount of snow/ice-proof or their removing agents, power supply units for aircrafts which have low-level noise and good mileage which contribute to aircraft fuel reduction, battery-powered tow bar-less tractors without exhaust gas, and baggage handling equipment which enables aircrafts to get good mileage.

Well-prepared in Case of Emergency

If there is an accident or disaster inside airport facilities, a prompt response is required. We have a broad range of rescue equipment such as state-of-the-art chemical fire engines with incompatible running ability and a particular kind of fire extinguisher, medical evacuation vehicles loaded with rescue equipment, lighting vehicles which support rescue activity in the dark, and inflatable tents. We will minimize damages caused by a disaster or accident through the use of this equipment.