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Recognizing that conducting environmentally conscious business activities is one of its social obligations, DJK has established the following environmental policy, which is being pursued by all employees and directors companywide.

Approach on Environment

As a company conducting international trade as well as sales in Japan of energy-, semiconductor-, plastic-injection molding-, and pulp-and-paper-related machinery and equipment, Medical equipment and engineering materials and aerospace-related devices, we will carry out environmental management of our business based on the following policies.

  1. We will be constantly aware of the environmental issues regarding our merchandise and service activities, and will take steps to prevent environmental pollution. In addition, we will pursue constant improvement in our environmental management activities.
  2. To comply with environmentally related laws, regulations, and accords regarding our merchandise and service activities, we will establish and follow our own voluntary standards.
  3. Among the environmental issues regarding our merchandise and service activities, we will make the following issues special priority themes.
    (1) Reducing amounts of energy and resources used through greater operating efficiency
    (2) Handing and promotion of environmentally friendly merchandise
    (3) Promoting understanding of the importance of environmental issues inside and outside the company

To achieve these environmental policies, we will establish environmental targets and goals. Working together, all employees and directors of the company will pursue environmental management.

April 1, 2011

President & CEO Ichiro Uno



In DJK, with an aim to reduce environmental impacts, the EMS Promotion Committee, a company-wide organization, checks on the progress of environmental protection activities and the observance of laws and regulations.


 DJK think seriously about environmental and resource issues, and provide our customers with products and services which are designed to help solve their environmental problems. We will also proactively adopt new measures, aiming to contribute to the creation of eco-friendly products.


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