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Human Resources Development

The DJK Group has more than 1,000 employees, and a wealth of human resources supports our business activities. We regularly offer training opportunities to local staff overseas to aggressively promote superior human resources regardless of gender, nationality, our social background, We are confident that a sense of group-wide unity and commitment to a corporate organization can be solidified by helping every local staffer understand his or her interests in DJK's corporate culture and the direction of its activities. For us, which aims for further global development, the development of talented human resources represent issue and management intends to continuously address this essential task.


DJK has established various training systems to enable each and every employee to harness his or her own individuality and demonstrate his or her own capabilities to the fullest. In addition to our Job Rotation System, which targets career track employees in their second year of service and gives them the opportunity to acquire knowledge of and perspectives on a wide range of practical skills at an early stage and reassigns them to appropriate workplaces at the appropriate timeframe, thereby cultivating human resources who will play active roles globally. We also offer the Overseas Training System, which provides trainees with opportunities to gain overseas business experience for a certain period of time, as well as our Language Training System. These training systems identify employee aptitudes and give employees the opportunity to gain diverse capabilities and a wealth of social and international skills.