WRO 2018

WRO Contest Information

<WRO Japan Final Round>

Date:September 9, 2018

Venue:Iouzen Sports Center
 Yo 27 Ko, Tanoshima-machi Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-1103, Japan


<WRO International Contest>

Date:November 16-18, 2018

Venue:Chiang Mai, Thailand


WRO Japan 2017


In Japan, 1,862 teams (approximately 400 teams up year-on-year) from elementary, junior high, and high schools nationwide entered the 2017 WRO regional preliminaries. 144 teams that won regional preliminaries advanced to the national finals held in Yumenoshima, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
DJK has supported the WRO Japan and relevant activities. Since co-sponsoring the WRO Japan, we have provided venues for the Tokyo preliminary, as well as supported community-based robot programming workshops.
Our employees have also voluntarily supported those workshops and the WRO competitions, finding robot programming quite interesting with those hardworking students.



WRO International Contest


At the national finals of the WRO2017, 15 teams were selected to the WRO international contest held in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Approximately 400 teams participated in the WRO international finals from countries and regions in the world, the teams’ performance representing Japan was excellent.
Among all Japanese teams, a junior high school students’ team won the bronze medal in the open category, another college students’ team also won the bronze medal in the robotics advanced challenge. Besides, 3 other teams won the prizes in each category and division.

DJK, as a WRO Japan sponsor, will provide continuous support with students who take the lead of MONOZUKURI in the future.