About DJK

Solutions Provider Addressing
Global Needs

As a supplier of industrial machinery for customers in Japan and around the world, DAIICHI JITSUGYO CO., LTD. is conducting business in seven fields. Today, along with the realization of affluent lifestyles resulting from industrial development, the issues confronting the world have become apparent. In these circumstances, we utilize our accumulated know-how to achieve a sustainable society, and support manufacturing worldwide with our proposal capabilities capitalizing on advanced technologies and services.


One-stop Services×Total Solutions

The Company offers proposals for technological support and workload reduction at production sites and resolving other issues, and also offers one-stop solutions covering services from coordination of multiple pieces of equipment to after-sales services. Our support also covers logistics, financing, and management of various risks. Swiftly offering the optimum solutions in collaboration with Group companies in Japan and overseas, we are committed to creating value on a global scale.

Support & Needs×Global Network

The DJK Group is implementing a global strategy in the four primary regions, namely the Americas, Europe, China, and Asia, with regional headquarters located in these regions. With 37 bases overseas, we have a global sales system in place capable of offering comprehensive support for companies conducting international business and swiftly responding to all their diverse needs.

  • Plant & Energy
  • Automotive
  • Energy Solutions
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Aviation & Social Infrastructure
  • Electronics
Local Personnel×Glocalization
DJK has rolled out a business model rooted in each region, which is mainly based on market-related information collection and technical support through business activities driven by local personnel who are familiar with on-the-ground business practices. Our Group’s cross-border one-stop services and total solutions contribute to improving production sites around the world.


SINCE 1948 75years
Overseas bases
17countries 37bases
Number of employees
Consolidated: 1,402 Non-consolidated:623
Net sales and operating income
Consolidated net sales
Consolidated operating income
Proportion of net sales from overseas
Approximately 48 (Based on delivery
Long-term issuer rating
A-(Stable) (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR))