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When using this website, you may be asked to provide personal information on some pages, including your name, e-mail address, telephone number, home address, and billing address, etc. Such personal information is necessary for DJK to provide you with services and information concerning services. We may also ask you about information other than the above in order to increase convenience for you. In this case, however, you can select information items to provide at your discretion, except for the minimum necessary ones. We will not change the information obtained without your consent.
Please understand in advance that the information obtained may be transferred to third parties depending on the types of services on this website. (We may supply your name and address to a subcontractor to which we have consigned services such as delivery.)


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DJK may gather information from visitors to this website, such as general tendencies or patterns, etc. regarding viewing activities on the website, and they are stored in the cookies. The collected information will be used by DJK (or companies to which we consign survey analysis) to analyze the access tendency, in order to provide better services to you. You can feel at ease as the collected information will be treated as confidential, as is the case with personal information.
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DJK pays close attention to all the information on this website, but does not provide any kind of guarantee as to the accuracy, security, legitimacy, recency, etc. of the information.
When browsing the Internet through this website, we ask you to do so at your responsibility. We do not take any responsibility for any damage that you may incur as a result of using information obtained from this website or other websites to which this website is linked.
DJK, in principle, assumes no responsibility for any damage you may incur while using this website.
As for declaimer, please refer to this, too.

Applicable Laws

This website can be accessed from other countries around the world, and they may have different laws from those of Japan. However, regardless of the legal principles, both users who access our website and the Company must agree to be bound by Japanese laws and Tokyo’s ordinances when using this website.
DJK makes no descriptions or representations on this website with regard to the appropriateness of the contents of the website in the environment of the users who make access. Accessing this website is deemed to be done at the free will of the users who make access, and liability for the use of the website belongs to the users.