Message from the
President & CEO

As a highly respected industry partner,
the DJK Group’s goal is to contribute to the development of a highly innovative global society.

Founded in 1948 as a trading company handling industrial machinery, the Company has been doing business for over 70 years. Having established Group companies and bases in Japan and overseas, we are implementing diverse business models rooted in each region, and are supporting manufacturers worldwide.

Needs for machinery and equipment optimized for improved production efficiency and expanded production capacity further increased across the manufacturing industry, in which we are deeply involved, backed by global economic growth centering on emerging economies in recent years.

In response to this trend, we have been offering total coordination of equipment and machinery capitalizing on the wealth of know-how we have accumulated so far, and one-stop services that are the fruit of collaboration throughout the DJK Group. Going forward, we will utilize these solutions, evolve them into innovative solutions, and further increase their functionality in order to pursue added value for our customers.
Facing the various global issues confronting society, we are convinced that it is our mission to help create a sustainable society through our business.

It is important to contribute to the qualitative enhancement of society as a whole by maintaining a heightened sense at all times of prospects that might lie beyond the scope of our current businesses and discovering new value in businesses. We will strive to demonstrate the significance of our existence to our stakeholders as a company that promotes its realization.

代表取締役社長 宇野一郎